Painted Brass Insects and Flowers (and more resin)

So I have always been somewhat of a purist. Don’t do anything to the brass pieces, no drilling no gluing, no coloring.  I have felt this way especially when it comes to old and unique pieces of brass. I finally decided to break away from my rigid view and to try some new techniques. I enjoy the old enameled pieces of jewelry so I wanted to try to achieve this look with my jewelry.  Here are the results:ImageImage

What I did:

1.  cleaned the brass in soap and water and let dry

2. Some I painted with acrylic paints.  Some I used alcohol inks.  The alcohol ink needs to be heat set.

3.  Let the painted pieces sit for a few days and then “painted” with resin to achieve the glassy enameled look.

Now to make some jewelry………..