Horses and Flowers and Resin

I am patiently waiting for some Spring weather so I can enjoy the sight and aroma of the flowers.  Plus I am just plain tired of being cold! I decided to make by own little spring bouquet. This first necklace represents my love for spring using Ice Resin.  Image

I made the pendant using a bezel to which I added various colors of Iced Enamels, heated and let sit.  I poured in some Ice Resin and then added a vintage enameled flower bouquet and covered with more Ice Resin. I am slowly becoming an Ice Resin and Iced Enamel junkie!

This next piece also used Ice Resin. I made the pendant using a vintage Art Deco style horse, Iced Enamels and Ice Resin.  I love the way it looks.Image

If you love Ice Resin and want to share or just see some amazing things join the Friday Ice Linky party at Vintiquities Workshop.



2 thoughts on “Horses and Flowers and Resin

  1. Those are both such gorgeous pieces. I can certainly relate to wanting spring to just get here and stay already. Last Sat we had an amazing day then Sun. no maam, it was all cold and gross again, been snowing and sleeting this week. Usually I’m a fan of fall and winter but this year I just want to be warm. LOL. Thanks for linking up! Hugs! Thespa

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