My New Obsession-Stamped Solder Jewelry


My newest jewelry making technique and obsession involves stamping molten silver metal solder onto a brass or copper backing. Once the silver solder is heated to liquid it is then stamped. Once cooled it is then hammered to add more texture and dimension.


These are two examples of quite different themes. For both pieces vintage brass findings were riveted to the pendants. Can’t wait to try some more!

4 thoughts on “My New Obsession-Stamped Solder Jewelry

  1. I have tried doing this but can’t seem to get it right. my stamps keep melting. I even purchased a tutorial off craftsy and I follow it with the same supplies and it’s just not working for me. Do you have any suggestions? I really want to master this, I love how your’s has turned out.

    1. Perhaps the solder is too hot or maybe it is the type of solder. I have only had one melt and I had heated the solder too much. I get my stamps from cooltools. They are gray and used for metal clay.

  2. Probably should only use the red rubber mounted stamps. These are created using a high temperature process so should not melt. I think the clear stamps would be the ones prone to melting.

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