October Fest 2013 Blog Hop

When I came upon the information for this blog hop I though to myself “What a fun blog hop this will be!” It is sponsored by Toltec Jewels: The theme being “A Home & Hearth Blog Hop Celebrating Autumn’s Splendor with Beads, Jewelry, Home Decor, Food, Friends & Family!”  I have been pondering what exactly am I going to share? So many options! Being that I make jewelry well of course I will share some fall inspired jewelry.  My 4 year old and I like to take walks and gather fun things that we find. One beautiful day early in October we collected the following things:


After bringing our finds home it hit me that these beauties from nature were perfect for some fall inspired jewelry. I usually don’t design around the seasons so this was a fun challenge for me. Here are a few of the pieces I made using the above photo as inspiration.


Each piece is different yet they reflect the color and textures found in our “collection” pile! The bird necklace obviously picks up on the green and brown theme.  For the second necklace I chose the large vintage brass focal because the texture reminded me of the pine cone. All the rest is playing with the colors.

Being that it is almost Halloween I thought I would also share some spider cookies made with my four year old. They are so easy (not too pretty!) For the bodies any brownie like cookie works. Some icing between the two or you could just use one cookie for each body. We then added thin licorice for the legs. There are many options for the eyes and legs.  We made some using just M&M candies for the eyes and pretzel sticks for the legs.


Obviously these are works in progress but great fun for the little ones! We also made some monsters!

Hope you enjoyed the jewelry and spider monsters and if you want to see more check out all the wonderful offerings of the other participants.

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Toltec Jewels (Rita, your hostess)  www.JewelSchoolFriends.com

Inspirations from a Travel Box Part Two

It has been a while since I have posted anything.  Guess the daily routine of life sets in and the time management skills go missing! In August I posted about the “travel box”.  A quick recap of what this is: It is a jewelry creating challenge that is taking place at B’Sue Boutiques Creative Group with the help of Paula Gaskill. Inside the box are various jewelry creating goodies.  Each participant chooses a few items to use and places a few items from their stash and mails it to the next participant on the list. We were then given the task to create a piece of jewelry using the items taken from the box.  We were then given a “reveal” date to reveal the finished product.  Mine was at the beginning of October. These are the pieces I chose.


Here is the finished product:Image

In addition to the items taken from the box, I used a brass crescent necklace blank that I wrapped in sari ribbon and wire.

I wired on the beads,hung the pendant and used some vintage chain. This was a great and fun challenge for me as this is a totally different style of jewelry for me. 

Thanks for taking the time to check this out.