Works in Progress Week Four: Need Some Summer!

Week four of completing an unfinished piece from my work space. We have had frigid temperatures and snow here so I decided to use the bee! Nothing says summer more than bees buzzing around the beautiful flowers.


For the bee piece:

1.I stamped a honeycomb design into a piece of raw brass.

2. I then colored some Ice Resin to mimic honey and added the resin to the wells in the honeycomb design.

3. After the resin cured I cut the piece out ( but I think next time I will cut the pieces of brass and then add the resin.

4. Riveted the bee onto the honey comb base. The bee was raw brass which I colored using acrylic paints.

5. Used various vintage and new beads to complete the necklace.


This was a fun necklace to make! Now to keep going for week five!


See what I come up with!

Meeting Goals: Works in Progress Week 3: To Tassel or Not

So now into week three of my weekly goals.  Pretty good for me! I chose one of the items from last week to complete so I still met my goal.  Here is a reminder of the WIP.


I used the piece in the first photo.  Worked in my usual style with incorporating as many vintage components as possible.  Then I took the plunge and added a tassel.  I don’t wear longer necklaces so I tend to shy away from making them. This was an experiment.


My question now is to keep the tassel or not? What do you think?

For next week I will work on the hot pink Iced Enameled cuff or perhaps this bee:


Meeting Goals:Works in Pogress Week 2

Last week I said maybe a goal for this year would be to complete all of the works in progress that are cluttering up my work space.

I shared some photos and I did actually complete two pieces.  Now granted for the flower and snail I decided all I wanted was a simple chain so that was no big deal….but then again it is now a necklace so it is a big deal (at least to me)  Here is a collage of the before and afters.


So now onto week 2:


Again both pieces started many months ago maybe even 1/2 a year ago! Both pieces used Ice Enamels and Ice Resin.  The bezel piece I added some vintage enamel pieces into the Ice Resin. love the glass like finish.  Now lets see if I can complete the pieces from week 2!

Works in Progress-The Winter Duldrums and Cleaning the Work Table

One of my many goals this year is to complete some of the works in progress that are taking up space on my work table.

I get these ideas and then am never quite sure how to complete them.  Last night and this morning I was looking at these two pieces:


I decided these had to be completed. I need some flowers and color right now. It is cold outside and gets dark so early.

I started these many months ago. Probably in the summer because I only do painting outside.

This flower piece


started off as a blank brass piece. I colorized and painted it using acrylic paints and lumiere metallic paints. I then added the cute little snail which I also painted. Then I was stumped so it sat and sat and sat. I would look at it often but just glossed over it and said to myself  “This can wait for another day”. Well now that time has come. I must clean up my work space!! Hey maybe my goal for this year should be to complete one work in progress every week! Believe me I have enough to fill the year.

This second set I colorized some brass filigree, riveted them together and riveted a vintage glass cabochon to the top. Maybe I will incorporate the tulip flower some how. Maybe not.  but I WILL get these completed!


A New Year So Many Goals

I can’t believe another year has passed and we are already into a new one. I haven’t written anything in a few months.  I am hoping to change that this year. No resolutions! Perhaps some goals. Or maybe chose a word for the year………consistency? drive? motivation? faith?

Not sure yet! or maybe a phrase?

Trying new techniques?

Belief in my art?

Better marketing?

Many things to ponder.  Here is wishing you a wonderful new year. 

Thought I would share one of my favorites I made this past year. The picture is from an altar from a Basilica in Germany that I have been visiting every year since I was a child. Brings back such wonderful memories.