Blu Mudd Design Challenge

I am continuously looking for unique components to use in my jewelry designs and to try some new things at the same time.

When I came across the Blu Mudd Design challenge it was just what I was looking for. I have never used ceramic components in my designs so it was perfect for trying something new.  The design challenge was sponsored by Blu Mudd Ceramics. Each person was given the same components and then challenged to design one or two pieces using those components. The lovely pieces were created by Moriah Betterly.

You can check out the album and scroll through and vote for your favorites.  There are so many lovely creations. Vote for one, vote for all.  To vote you click on the “like” button for that particular photo. Voting ends June 7 at 10pm EST.

Here is my entry


While you are there check out the beautiful creations that you could also incorporate into your designs.

Thanks for looking.



One thought on “Blu Mudd Design Challenge

  1. Gorgeous jewelry! I am surprised you haven’t worked with ceramic art beads before — you create so beautifully with it. I especially love your bracelet (which is interesting since I don’t usually find myself drawn to bracelets, yet here I am very much!) – the ribbon, that wonderful Blu Mudd clasp and the exquisite beads you choose. Lovely!

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