Vintage Jewelry and Christmas Ornaments

My true inspiration for my jewelry designs is vintage jewelry and art. I grew up going to antique stores, museums and flea markets. Not only do I admire and love vintage jewelry but also vintage and vintage style ornaments. Having a Swedish and German background I grew up with wonderful old Christmas ornaments adorning the trees.This turned into an obsession with collecting German ornaments. I have amassed a wonderful collection only half of which I can display on one tree.ornamentornament1 ornament2 ornament3


The main tree is a live tree that I cut down and yes we do have a small pink tree. My daughter wanted a pink tree for her room so since I have so many ornaments we went for it! I’ll try to get a picture of the entire tree when the lighting is better.

and now a few pieces of vintage jewelry to adorn your body! Happy Holidays to all.

bluerhinestoneneck vintagepurpleornate2 purpleenamelbracelet3 tremblerpin