FUF or Finished Up Friday

There is this things called “work table Wednesday” aka WTW and “finished up Friday” aka FUF.  These are weekly events that take place at the B’Sue Creative Group on Facebook.

wtwdec31 wtwjan13

As the name implies on Wed we show a picture of works in progress from our tables with the hopes of finishing up at least one project for Friday, hence FUF! As you can see from the pictures I have quite a bit going on! The only “requirement” is that we have to use some pieces from B’Sue Boutiques as she allows us to post on the B’Sue Creative Group Facebook page.

This is a wonderful little weekly push to keep us all on track with creating! My completed pieces this week: The necklace uses some vintage components and the chain and filigree beads are from B’Sue Boutiques. For the earrings I used Iced Enamels and Ice Resin, some vintage enamel flowers and the bezels were from B’Sue Boutiques

brassoxshell enamelflowerearrings enamelflowerearrings2


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