Meeting Goals:Works in Pogress Week 2

Last week I said maybe a goal for this year would be to complete all of the works in progress that are cluttering up my work space.

I shared some photos and I did actually complete two pieces.  Now granted for the flower and snail I decided all I wanted was a simple chain so that was no big deal….but then again it is now a necklace so it is a big deal (at least to me)  Here is a collage of the before and afters.


So now onto week 2:


Again both pieces started many months ago maybe even 1/2 a year ago! Both pieces used Ice Enamels and Ice Resin.  The bezel piece I added some vintage enamel pieces into the Ice Resin. love the glass like finish.  Now lets see if I can complete the pieces from week 2!


A Hammer, a Torch and a Rhinestone Bead Ball

Tried something new again! As you can see from my previous posts I can’t seen to decide which medium I want to use so am delving into various different jewelry making methods. Talk about eclectic taste!

For this ring  I cut out a disc from copper metal sheet, torched it , hammered it and added texture. I then riveted it to a vintage brass filigree ring base and secured a vintage rhinestone bead ball into the center.


Completed Chandeleir Flower Necklaces

The end of summer is near! A continuation of my previous post here are some of the vintage chandelier ImageImagecrystals now complete and made into necklaces. I wire wrapped the crystals and then added them to organza ribbon and ball and chain necklace.

Still have to do something with the larger pendants. I am thinking just a long plain chain.

An Experiment: Adding Color and Images to Stamped Solder Pendants

I made several stamped solder pieces a few months ago and wasn’t sure what to do with them so I just put them aside for another day. (You can check out my previous post about stamped solder jewelry from March 2013) I finally got back to them recently and began to experiment with adding some color or images to the pieces. Here are some examples of pieces without any coloring.


For some I used Spectrum Noir Alcohol Ink pens. These are so much fun and quite easy to use. I really like how the colors look. Some examples of works in progress with the alcohol inks. The inks will probably have to be heat set and then sealed so they don’t rub off over time.


I also used some Staz-On Ink and stamped an image onto a heart pendant. ( I used a larger heart. I forgot to take a picture before I completed the pendant!)  coloring1

After I stamped the image onto the heart I sealed it with Ice Resin and added some beads to make a necklace.


Overall I am pleased with the results.  Just need to do a bit more experimenting and of course complete the works in progress!

My Fairy Garden Gnome Necklace

I have this amazing old German gnome fairy riding a grasshopper figure which I adore. One day I was looking at him and thought ooh he would make a cool pendant.  I of course didn’t want to destroy him. I had just discovered Ice Resin and mold making so figured I would give it a shot.

Here is my gnome figureImage

Isn’t he a cutie?

Here is the mold that I madeImage

I mixed the Ice Resin per instructions and poured it into the mold.  Once the piece was cured I removed it and then painted him.

I held onto him for quite some time as I wasn’t sure what to do with the little fella! Finally decide upon this:Image

He’s not perfect but I love him!


Another Ice Linky Party

Can’t believe April is almost over.  Time for another Friday Ice Linky party hosted by Vintiquities Workshop.  Check it out for some amazing creations using Ice Resin.

I made this necklace by first adding Iced Enamels into the bezel.  Added the Ice Resin and then a vintage brass heart and then some more Ice Resin.  Instead of using chain I used some sari ribbon.  Vintage beads were randomly wired to the sari ribbon.


Having so much fun with Ice Resin and Iced Enamels!

My New Obsession-Stamped Solder Jewelry


My newest jewelry making technique and obsession involves stamping molten silver metal solder onto a brass or copper backing. Once the silver solder is heated to liquid it is then stamped. Once cooled it is then hammered to add more texture and dimension.


These are two examples of quite different themes. For both pieces vintage brass findings were riveted to the pendants. Can’t wait to try some more!