Collection Obsession: 1928 Jewelry

Is it really an obsession? fun? just collecting? fashion?hoarding?………..all of the above.

I am in love with 1928 jewelry, especially the vintage/older pieces.  I have recently added a few new pieces to my collection as well.

It is timeless jewelry, that is beautifully designed and made here in the USA!

Someone should write a book about the company!

I will start by sharing some photos and then hope to get into more detail in a later post. Maybe show how I wear the jewelry.

Build A Line Challenge from B’sue Boutiques, Lilis Gems Artisan Jewelry, Part Two

Welcome to the second blog hop for the build a line challenge sponsored and taught by Brenda Sue Landsdowne from B’Sue Boutiques. earrings1 One of the many challenges in creating a line is to make it a cohesive line of jewelry.  All pieces should coordinate in some way be it the style, color scheme or theme.  My chosen theme was nature inspired using a specific color palette. My chosen palette included blue, white and pink with a slightly metallic gold wash.  So off I went creating and creating and creating.  I made all of these earrings. The reason I chose to start with earrings was that they are usually good sellers and can be kept  at a reasonable price point (which was a second requirement for the line). Well I took the picture and then I started to wonder if they would fit in with some of the other pieces that had inspired the line.  I started to “panic” a bit thinking that I wasn’t creating anything that was cohesive.  I decide to take some photos of the earrings with some of the necklaces I had made previously and AHA they did work well together. Again these are the necklaces that inspired my new line of jewelry and they work nicely with all of the earrings.collage#3a fufdec191a pinkbirdcollage2 Another challenge I encountered was to make some smaller necklaces at “impulse” purchase points.  I made quite simple yet lovely necklaces: pansybluegold4 largebluebird but I also wanted to try my hand at making some small collage pieces; here a few.  You can see the smaller scale by the one photo of the piece in my hand. mini5 trileafbrooch mini2  So now to decide on chains or should I make brooches.  Should the chain be simple with no beads? a few beads? Here is what I made. my thinking is customers could choose between silver plated, gold tone with beads or without. Some examples: silverbirdinsectnecklace1 bluebirdgoldchain2 c Here are some size comparisons, the last photo is on a mannequin so you can see how they would look on a person.  I think I have the various levels of price points covered! So excited!! size size1 size2size3 This one I made into a brooch.trileafbrooch This has been a wonderful learning experience so far. I have tackled some of my misgivings about cohesiveness and having a variety of items at various prices points with most being at the “impulse” buy level.  We have had wonderful discussions about our inspirations, challenges, fashion,color, pricing, target audience and more!  Much too much to discuss now but in another post I will elaborate. A sneak peek at more things to come: blueflowercuff3 blueirng triflowerbib2 Thanks for taking the time to stop by and be sure check out the other participants in this wonderful challenge/class!

Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B’sue Boutiques

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Vintage Jewelry and Christmas Ornaments

My true inspiration for my jewelry designs is vintage jewelry and art. I grew up going to antique stores, museums and flea markets. Not only do I admire and love vintage jewelry but also vintage and vintage style ornaments. Having a Swedish and German background I grew up with wonderful old Christmas ornaments adorning the trees.This turned into an obsession with collecting German ornaments. I have amassed a wonderful collection only half of which I can display on one tree.ornamentornament1 ornament2 ornament3


The main tree is a live tree that I cut down and yes we do have a small pink tree. My daughter wanted a pink tree for her room so since I have so many ornaments we went for it! I’ll try to get a picture of the entire tree when the lighting is better.

and now a few pieces of vintage jewelry to adorn your body! Happy Holidays to all.

bluerhinestoneneck vintagepurpleornate2 purpleenamelbracelet3 tremblerpin

Works in Progress Week Five: Stamped Solder Flower Tear Drop Earrings

Made it to week five of my personal challenge! I had do many stamped solder pieces that I had started and then never completed so I decided that I had to do something with them.  Here is an example of some of the pieces.


The two that I chose I did not photograph but you can see some others.  I decide to just polish and sand these for the earrings.  I free hand cut copper sheet into tear drop shapes and then added the molten solder and stamped them. I love the craftsman style thistle design. i left some of the copper showing for a more rustic appearance.  Just added silver plated ear wires and finished!


Works in Progress-The Winter Duldrums and Cleaning the Work Table

One of my many goals this year is to complete some of the works in progress that are taking up space on my work table.

I get these ideas and then am never quite sure how to complete them.  Last night and this morning I was looking at these two pieces:


I decided these had to be completed. I need some flowers and color right now. It is cold outside and gets dark so early.

I started these many months ago. Probably in the summer because I only do painting outside.

This flower piece


started off as a blank brass piece. I colorized and painted it using acrylic paints and lumiere metallic paints. I then added the cute little snail which I also painted. Then I was stumped so it sat and sat and sat. I would look at it often but just glossed over it and said to myself  “This can wait for another day”. Well now that time has come. I must clean up my work space!! Hey maybe my goal for this year should be to complete one work in progress every week! Believe me I have enough to fill the year.

This second set I colorized some brass filigree, riveted them together and riveted a vintage glass cabochon to the top. Maybe I will incorporate the tulip flower some how. Maybe not.  but I WILL get these completed!