Collection Obsession: Vintage Brass Stampings

OK. I admit it I have a problem! I am obsessed with vintage brass stampings and findings.


The above photo shows maybe 1/4 of what I have.  I use these to make jewelry if I have multiples of the same piece. I keep one of each and if I only have one then that gets kept as well.  It started with my love of anything vintage and art nouveau and then just ballooned into a collection.

I love the detail, designs, smell, touch and design of vintage brass.  Things just aren’t made like this anymore. Yes new brass stampings are being made even from old dies but the detail gets lost.  The actual process of how these were made is quite intriguing.

Now deciding on how to display these without ruining the pieces.  Any suggestions?


Addicted To Vintage Brass Stampings: My True Insipiration

One of the many things that got me interested in designing jewelry is vintage jewelry. Then one day while perusing the internet I came across a site that had vintage brass stampings. Many of which were used in jewelry design. When I saw them I immediately became obsessed with purchasing as many as I could… but then what? Well….the rest is history, why not make some jewelry!rawbrass1brassdestashlot4 brass1 brass