Victorian Style Santa Jewelry


I love the holiday season. The anticipation of being with family and friends, the music, the cool weather and of course the decorations.  I grew up with old Victorian and early European Christmas ornaments and decorations. When I saw this lovely raku Santa pendant made by Harry Wood I just had to have it. (and not just this one)  I made it into a necklace along with some of his raku beads. I should have kept it but it is being enjoyed my someone else.

There is something about the nostalgic feel of his pieces that draws me to them and to create some fun holiday jewelry.  Though some lovers of Christmas keep things up all year!

Here are three more necklaces that I sold using Harry Wood’s lovely pieces.

What a lovely way to get into the holiday spirit.

I have two more pieces available in my etsy shop at the moment.

The first I just put on a simple chain and can be found here.

The second is a sweet pudgy faced fella with some vintage glass sugar beads and orange beads. He can be found here.

There is one more available but I can’t seem to find a photo of him so just follow this link and you will be surprised!

Finally if you want to see more of Harry Wood’s awesome creations here is a link to his etsy shop.

These would all make great gifts for that lover of Christmas!  Now off to start decoration for the holidays. or is it too soon???




Vintage Jewelry and Christmas Ornaments

My true inspiration for my jewelry designs is vintage jewelry and art. I grew up going to antique stores, museums and flea markets. Not only do I admire and love vintage jewelry but also vintage and vintage style ornaments. Having a Swedish and German background I grew up with wonderful old Christmas ornaments adorning the trees.This turned into an obsession with collecting German ornaments. I have amassed a wonderful collection only half of which I can display on one tree.ornamentornament1 ornament2 ornament3


The main tree is a live tree that I cut down and yes we do have a small pink tree. My daughter wanted a pink tree for her room so since I have so many ornaments we went for it! I’ll try to get a picture of the entire tree when the lighting is better.

and now a few pieces of vintage jewelry to adorn your body! Happy Holidays to all.

bluerhinestoneneck vintagepurpleornate2 purpleenamelbracelet3 tremblerpin