Nature: My Inspiration

Much of my inspiration comes from nature.  Here are a few shots taken using my phone while out walking.

nature nature1 nature2 nature3

Nothing has been altered or enhanced.  Mother Nature is amazing! I get so much joy from nature and my daily walks are my mediation.  Enjoy!


Addicted To Vintage Brass Stampings: My True Insipiration

One of the many things that got me interested in designing jewelry is vintage jewelry. Then one day while perusing the internet I came across a site that had vintage brass stampings. Many of which were used in jewelry design. When I saw them I immediately became obsessed with purchasing as many as I could… but then what? Well….the rest is history, why not make some jewelry!rawbrass1brassdestashlot4 brass1 brass

Inspirations from a Travel Box Part Two

It has been a while since I have posted anything.  Guess the daily routine of life sets in and the time management skills go missing! In August I posted about the “travel box”.  A quick recap of what this is: It is a jewelry creating challenge that is taking place at B’Sue Boutiques Creative Group with the help of Paula Gaskill. Inside the box are various jewelry creating goodies.  Each participant chooses a few items to use and places a few items from their stash and mails it to the next participant on the list. We were then given the task to create a piece of jewelry using the items taken from the box.  We were then given a “reveal” date to reveal the finished product.  Mine was at the beginning of October. These are the pieces I chose.


Here is the finished product:Image

In addition to the items taken from the box, I used a brass crescent necklace blank that I wrapped in sari ribbon and wire.

I wired on the beads,hung the pendant and used some vintage chain. This was a great and fun challenge for me as this is a totally different style of jewelry for me. 

Thanks for taking the time to check this out.


My Fairy Garden Gnome Necklace

I have this amazing old German gnome fairy riding a grasshopper figure which I adore. One day I was looking at him and thought ooh he would make a cool pendant.  I of course didn’t want to destroy him. I had just discovered Ice Resin and mold making so figured I would give it a shot.

Here is my gnome figureImage

Isn’t he a cutie?

Here is the mold that I madeImage

I mixed the Ice Resin per instructions and poured it into the mold.  Once the piece was cured I removed it and then painted him.

I held onto him for quite some time as I wasn’t sure what to do with the little fella! Finally decide upon this:Image

He’s not perfect but I love him!