Addicted To Vintage Brass Stampings: My True Insipiration

One of the many things that got me interested in designing jewelry is vintage jewelry. Then one day while perusing the internet I came across a site that had vintage brass stampings. Many of which were used in jewelry design. When I saw them I immediately became obsessed with purchasing as many as I could… but then what? Well….the rest is history, why not make some jewelry!rawbrass1brassdestashlot4 brass1 brass

Where has the Time Gone?

So it is now November and I haven’t written a single word since July! So much for keeping up with my weekly writing.

Oh well….so for now I will just share some photos of some things I have created and hope to start writing my thoughts and inspirations done on a regular basis.blueopalinenecklace1 collage1 fauxopalamber fufoct3a nouveauportraitearring purpleblackcopper2 purplecoppernecklace1 Ribbet collagepc1 wtwoct1 wtwsept24amberdressclipnecklace chunkyhorse daisynouveaunecklace fernleafbracelet3 fufoct10a monalisacuff octchallenge4 pinkbirdcollage2paint6 collage