Inspirations From A Travel Box

Yesterday when I got the mail there was this box.


It appeared a bit tired and worn: as if it had made many trips and been to many places.  I thought to myself “Well, I didn’t order anything” My name was neatly hand written on the label in purple, so I knew it was definitely something special!  I opened the travel weary package and the contents revealed that it was the “Travel Box”.  So now I was excited! So what is this mysterious travel box? It is a jewelry creating challenge that is taking place at B’Sue Boutiques Creative Group with the help of Paula Gaskill. Inside the box are various jewelry creating goodies.  Each participant chooses a few items to use and places a few items from their stash.  Fun and exciting! These are the pieces I chose.


These are the pieces I put into the box.


Now off to create!

A Hammer, a Torch and a Rhinestone Bead Ball

Tried something new again! As you can see from my previous posts I can’t seen to decide which medium I want to use so am delving into various different jewelry making methods. Talk about eclectic taste!

For this ring  I cut out a disc from copper metal sheet, torched it , hammered it and added texture. I then riveted it to a vintage brass filigree ring base and secured a vintage rhinestone bead ball into the center.


Completed Chandeleir Flower Necklaces

The end of summer is near! A continuation of my previous post here are some of the vintage chandelier ImageImagecrystals now complete and made into necklaces. I wire wrapped the crystals and then added them to organza ribbon and ball and chain necklace.

Still have to do something with the larger pendants. I am thinking just a long plain chain.

Eternal Flower Garden

I can’t believe it is August! Summer is starting to slow down:especially my flower garden.  There are still some lovely flowers but the full richness seems to be coming to an end. Well I made some eternal flower gardens in form of jewelry! These were an experiment.  I used vintage chandelier crystals and some German die cut images. As i was creating these I would think about my great grandfather. He was an avid gardener.  I loved visiting his garden full of flowers, fruit trees and bees! He would collect the honey and make us a slice of bread with butter and honey.


So now what to do with these to complete them? Long chain? short chain? organza ribbon? beads? no beads?